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Chery Faira range

28 April 2008

Chery is China's top selling domestic brand, with sales of over 300,000 last year.

Roewe 550

28 April 2008

Up until now, Shanghai Auto's sub brand, Roewe, has had to deal with criticism regarding the current design of the 750, which resembles a number of different vehicles - from the design of its emblem to its overall styling.

Mercedes-Benz GLK

28 April 2008

Mercedes-Benz is keen to get a hold of the growing small SUV market with its new GLK, shown in concept form as the Vision GLK at Geneva earlier this year and revealed as a production model at Auto China 2008.

FAW Besturn B50

28 April 2008

Though First Automobile Works - better known as FAW - was positioned in the E1 Hall along with the so called 'second-tier' Chinese manufacturers at Auto China 2008 their presence was dominating, with seven new concept and production models revealed at the show.

Volkswagen Lavida

28 April 2008

Volkswagen's SAIC partnership has yielded the Lavida, meaning 'the life' in Spanish, unveiled at Auto China 2008.

Geely GT 'Tiger' concept

28 April 2008

According to several Chinese designers we spoke to, this was the star of the show.

Red Flag Premium SUV concept

28 April 2008

Red Flag is the China's oldest and most formal domestic brand, owned by FAW and best known for producing the limousines favored by government officials.

Audi Q5

28 April 2008

At first sight, the Beijing Auto Show seems an odd choice for Audi to launch its new mid-sized SUV that will compete with established premium models such as the BMW X3 or Land Rover Freelander.

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