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Beijing 2016: Senova OffSpace is a thoughtful look at the family car interface of the future

26 April 2016

Impressively resolved concept HMI makes Senova one to watch

Beijing 2016: LeEco LeSee has the world running scared

26 April 2016

Autonomous concept self-drives away with the star of the show award

Beijing 2016: Infiniti QX Sport Vision is a (design) language lesson

26 April 2016

Consistency is key to the recent run of concepts

Beijing 2016: VW T-Prime GTE Concept plays Tetris

26 April 2016

Retro video-game-inspired lamps could be an emerging new trend

Beijing 2016: FAW Besturn X4 spins a spider’s web

26 April 2016

Small SUV's grille has our spider senses engaged

Beijing 2016: Geely Emgrand GS stands out from the mass of Chinese crossovers

26 April 2016

A great demonstration of how far the Chinese carmakers have come

Beijing 2016: Volkswagen’s Phideon is the rational Phaeton-lite

26 April 2016

Smaller, cheaper to make yet we wonder if anyone will notice

Beijing 2016: Hongqi's B and S concepts show Chinese luxury evolving

26 April 2016

Sedan and SUV showcars mix traditional luxuries with high technology

Beijing 2016: Citroën C6 is better inside than out

26 April 2016

China-only sedan offers much more appeal once you make it inside

Beijing 2016: BYD’s CarPad is a big smartphone mirror

25 April 2016

New in-car tech really does bring the smartphone experience into the car

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