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DS: an object lesson in how to create a premium brand

24 April 2012

The DS Numero 9 captured much of the pre-Beijing press coverage thanks to the ‘leak’ of its pre-show Parisian photo shoot and Laurent Nivalle’s seductive video

Comment: Sport, luxury or both?

24 April 2012

The Rolls-Royce and Ferrari stands sit alongside one another in the halls of the Beijing auto show

Imported heritage

24 April 2012

The infancy of the Chinese car industry dictates that the general public has zero perception of what brands – some of which have been around for ten times longer than this country’s entire mass car market – have achieved

Trends: Beijing motorshow white flowers edition

24 April 2012

Why write about flowers on a car design site? A passing interest in floristry aside, it’s worth casting your eye idley around a show to see what’s happening in terms of stand and fashion trends

Concept Style Coupe: Finally, a Mercedes we can admire again

24 April 2012

It has not escaped the attention of Stuttgart that, in the recent past, we’ve been far from the biggest fans of Mercedes-Benz’s design direction

What came first, the Viaggio or the Dart?

24 April 2012

Its name may sound ill-advised to English speakers such as myself, but the Fiat Viaggio is more significant than its suggestive name

Lamborghini Urus: Right turn or wrong direction?

23 April 2012

It’s hardly a revelation to write that the Lamborghini Urus (the Italian brand’s SUV concept revealed here in Beijing) has received a more favourable response than the Bentley Exp 9F with which it notionally shares a platform

Citroen DS Numero 9 highlights

23 April 2012

Citroen announced its intention to launch three new DS models due for production at Beijing

Range Rover Evoque – Victoria Beckham edition

23 April 2012

The naysayers have been numerous and vocal when it comes to Victoria Beckham’s involvement in the Range Rover Evoque as a brand ambassador

Beijing traffic chaos

23 April 2012

The Beijing motor show experience isn’t just about the show itself. Getting there deserves a mention too, for both good and bad reasons



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