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BAIC 800

28 April 2008

Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. (BAIC) has two current joint ventures with Daimler-Benz and Hyundai producing nearly 700,000 vehicles in 2007 but is only now launching its own brand under the BAIC banner.

Geely NL concept

28 April 2008

Sketches released for this concept looked promising: a compact SUV in the mold of the Ford Kuga, VW Tiguan or BMW X3.

Chery A3

28 April 2008

This is Chery's second big launch of the show, also with Italian design input, but here from Pininfarina rather than Torino Design.

Brilliance Junjie wagon

28 April 2008

Since its launch at the Beijing Motor Show in March 2006 -where it won the Best New Car prize for its category - Brilliance sold 35,367 units of the Junjie sedan, increasing to 72,502 units in 2007.

VW Bora

28 April 2008

VW is launching two new C-segment models here in Beijing this week, both near identical in terms of size and price.

JAC C-concept

28 April 2008

Jianghuai Auto (JAC) is one of China's smaller car companies, better known for their commercial vehicles and new to the car market, although they are growing fast: they produced 40,000 cars last year and plan to produce 10 new models by 2010.

GAIG CabrioCoupe and 4-DoorCoupe concepts

28 April 2008

Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG) has strategic partnership with Honda since 2000, quickly moving up and establishing itself as one of the top five domestic brands.

Yanfeng Visteon Concept

28 April 2008

The YFV is an interesting compact speedster proposal designed by Yanfeng Visteon's Shanghai design studio, based on an existing mid-engined production car in China.

Buick Invicta concept

28 April 2008

The once proud all-American Buick brand is making its second renaissance - albeit away from its birthplace.

Guangbin Li Nian concept

28 April 2008

In one of the most underappreciated concept car debuts at the Auto China 2008, Guangbin - a joint venture between GunagZhou Auto and Honda expected to launch in 2010 - revealed the Li Nian SUV concept.

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