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Hafei Loujun

21 November 2006

Hafei Loujun was one of many compact minivans on display on this year's Auto China 2006. Located in a rather obscured area of the main 1A hall at the show, Loujun in many ways deserved a better stage. Surprising many of the observers, Loujun was designed by Pininfarina, and the overall styling displayed solid volume with crisp and refined surfacing.

Chery V5

21 November 2006

Government owned Chery Motors was at full strength at Auto China 2006, with three concept cars, each displaying their own distinct characteristics. Chery's V5, an MPV-type CUV targeting the likes of the Nissan Geniss and the Honda Odyssey, might have been the least eye-catching car at the Chery display booth in terms of styling, but to many professionals present, the V5 was the most significant o

Mitsubishi Galant

21 November 2006

Slipping under the radar and spotlight throughout the Auto China press days, and even worse, being left out of the Foreign Manufacturers booth and displaying its cars along with the Chinese domestic manufacturers, it was a sign of how far once-proud Mitsubishi has fallen in automotive ranks in recent years. Mitsubishi presented the Galant, an upper-medium sized sedan for the Chinese market. Visua

Foton Saga

21 November 2006

Utility vehicle specialists Foton Automobile have displayed two cars at the show: the Saga, a full size SUV and MP-X, a full-size pick-up van. The Saga, measuring 4705mm x 2060mm x 1685mm on a 2760mm wheelbase, was one of only a few genuine SUVs at the show, wich was otherwise dominated by smaller CUVs and compact cars. Characterized by the massive radiator grille and headlamps with an upright

Cadillac SLS

21 November 2006

Shanghai GM was showcasing the Cadillac SLS. Based on the STS sport sedan, the overall length of the SLS has been lengthened by 100mm. As part of a plan to establish Cadillac as GM's strategic premier brand in China, it was important to cater for the legroom of the rear seat passengers. The interior has also been re-designed to meet specific local needs in this primarily chauffeur-driven luxury se

Great Wall GWPeri

21 November 2006

Great Wall Auto, a specialized SUV/CUV manufacturer, presented the compact CUV concept. With the flurry of CUVs on display at the show, Great Wall Auto, with three concept cars on display - Cool Bear, Florid, and GWPeri - is looking like they have gained an upper-hand against the competition in the CUV market. From the styling perspective, the overall proportion of the vehicle is quite different

Nissan Geniss

21 November 2006

As part of developing a new family of global cars over the next two years, Nissan have showcased the Geniss, the first Nissan car ever to have its world release in China. The Geniss concept is a 'luxurious, yet practical' vehicle, and was developed at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan, and will be built on a Renault-Nissan Alliance common platform. Seating up to seven passengers, Geniss

Brilliance Auto Zhonghua M3

21 November 2006

Brilliance Auto, with the rather dubious distinction of having similar styling and model names to BMW, have showcased one of the biggest surprises and the best styled vehicle by the domestic manufacturers at the show, the Zhonghua M3, a two-seater luxury coupe. This medium-size coupe was definitely the eye-catcher at Hall 1A, occupied predominantly by Chinese domestic automakers. Ever attempting

Chery Lei Fulwin 2

21 November 2006

Less serious and more fun than the A3, Lei (meaning 'She' in Italian), is a compact, entry level sports coupe for young Chinese drivers. Unlike the other two concepts from Chery, the designers of Lei has taken more chances and pushed the boundaries a bit further. The overall profile is sleek and fast at the front of the vehicle, but with the backlight and rear bootline dropping sharply, the visua

Chery A3

21 November 2006

If there is ever an ambition by an automotive manufacturer to export cars, designing a European C-segment hatch - while a daunting challenge - should be a good place to start. In a sense, the A3 is a rather unconventional type of concept, where Chery's intention of developing this concept was about designing 'a real production car' to showcase to the world, rather than a �flash' concept vehicle.