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Tokyo 2015: Mazda RX-Vision looks far better in the press images because who turned the lights out?

29 October 2015


Very poor lighting hides what may well be a stunning design

Tokyo 2015: Orange is the colour of choice in Tokyo

29 October 2015

Subaru Viziv Future

An unusual colour connects a number of cars in the Big Sight show halls

Tokyo 2015: Nissan pilots the way with IDS concept

29 October 2015

Driverless vision shows Mercedes how it’s done

Tokyo 2015: Audi Q7 E-Tron borrows from its concept name sake

29 October 2015

New lamp graphics for hybrid Audis?

Tokyo 2015: Toyota's Kirobo mini is your cupholder companion

29 October 2015

Pocket-sized robot designed to keep you company, and keep you happy, when you drive

Tokyo 2015: Koichi Matsumoto introduces the Toyota S-FR, my car of the show

29 October 2015

Little gem of a sports car works inside and out

Tokyo 2015: The material secrets of Suzuki’s Mighty Deck

29 October 2015

Blonde wood and heathered cotton speak a calm, characterful language

CDNLive Tokyo 2015: BMW M4 GTS looks at home in Tokyo

29 October 2015

Mix of subtlety and detailing makes the GTS a good fit for Japan

CDNLive Tokyo 2015: The Suzuki Air Triser is a better Bulli

29 October 2015

Shuffling chairs and quality colour and materials make this cabin a great place to chill

Tokyo 2015: The Daihatsu Tempo is our kind of food truck

29 October 2015

Japanese kei-van puts on a show