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Detroit 2018: BMW X2 wins awards, x2

17 January 2018

BMW's new baby SUV scoops two EyesOn Design awards

Detroit 2018: EyesOn Design Awards - the winners [UPDATED]

16 January 2018

Best Production Car, Best Concept Car awards and more announced, plus an emotional Lifetime Achievement tribute

Detroit 2018: GAC Enverge Keeps Things On-Trend

16 January 2018

It wouldn't be a late-2010s motor show without a Chinese electric SUV concept. The difference is, the sleek Enverge aims specifically at America

Detroit 2018: Lexus LF-1 Limitless – a future clue?

16 January 2018

The rose-gold SUV concept has some lovely, Japanese details

Detroit 2018: Acura RDX is Born in the USA

16 January 2018

Third-generation SUV is the first Acura developed solely by (and for) Americans as the brand gains further independence

Detroit 2018: Hyundai Veloster Returns with More 'N'

16 January 2018

Peculiar asymmetrical hatch-coupé mashup debuts in Detroit

Detroit 2018: Compact saloons stay classy?

16 January 2018

New-generation Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Forte and Toyota Avalon all borrow from their bigger relatives, but with some style

Detroit 2018: Dodge Ram and Jeep Wrangler, firm members of the FCA family

16 January 2018

We chat with FCA design chief Ralph Gilles about modernising these all-American icons under the auspices of the Fiat-Chrysler family

Detroit 2018: How Lincoln goes large in luxury

15 January 2018

Design Director David Woodhouse on how the premium US marque does it

Detroit 2018: Nissan Xmotion [UPDATED]

15 January 2018

USA-designed, with Japanese themes

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