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How BMW's hydrogen car channels an icon of 1980s television

08 September 2015

i8-based fuel-cell prototype looks like KITT's spiritual successor

Specialized creates Very Special Things

03 September 2015

Specialized bike's creative director, Robert Egger

Blog from US-based bike maker shows the work of its advanced designers

RIP Guy Ligier, maker of some of the most spectacular racing cars

24 August 2015

Looking back at Guy Ligier's F1 legacy

Hyundai North America's design studio and its mixed bag of concepts

12 August 2015

A chronology of concepts from HCD that tells an interesting story

Is there a new automotive design language in Manhattan? (And will Cadillac discover it?)

10 August 2015

How central NY could be a great laboratory for the design of the urban car

Rimowa recreates the aircraft that inspired its trademark aluminium suitcases

28 July 2015

Luggage-maker to offer hand-made recreations of the 1919 Junkers F13

1980 Ferrari Pinin concept – your own Concept Car of the Week for $795,000

21 July 2015

Fancy having a candidate for Concept Car of the Week in your garage?

Checking in on Jaguar's US midterm reports

20 July 2015

Art Center and San Francisco Academy of Art University students present progress ahead of August submissions

Infiniti majors on grace not pace at Festival of Speed

30 June 2015

We caught up with London-based Infiniti designers, design director Simon Cox, exterior designer Matt Weaver and creative design manager Bert Dehaes who showed us around the main exhibits

Don't kill the Coupe Franche before it's born

18 June 2015

It would be a shame if this potentially defining motif were rejected before it's been properly executed for production