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The good, bad and ugly of BMW Group’s Next 100 Visions

27 June 2016

From the sublime to the ridiculous as BMW's British brands take centre stage

Reading Week 13 May 2016

13 May 2016

Rounding up some thought-provoking, inspiring and interesting stories we've read this week

Prof. Giorgetto Giugiaro meets his new IAAD students

01 February 2016

"Students need to dream. I teach them that it is still possible"

Ian Callum's Design Passion

17 December 2015

For once a manufacturer video that's worth watching

RIP Guy Ligier, maker of some of the most spectacular racing cars

24 August 2015

Looking back at Guy Ligier's F1 legacy

1980 Ferrari Pinin concept – your own Concept Car of the Week for $795,000

21 July 2015

Fancy having a candidate for Concept Car of the Week in your garage?

Infiniti majors on grace not pace at Festival of Speed

30 June 2015

We caught up with London-based Infiniti designers, design director Simon Cox, exterior designer Matt Weaver and creative design manager Bert Dehaes who showed us around the main exhibits

Don't kill the Coupe Franche before it's born

18 June 2015

It would be a shame if this potentially defining motif were rejected before it's been properly executed for production

Welcome to the new Maorinews News

11 June 2015

It won’t have escaped your notice that Maorinews News now looks a little different

Sitting on the Strate ecole de design diplôme jury

21 May 2015

A great way to deeply understand the intentions and results of the most important projects of these young designers’ careers so far