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Reading Week 2 September

02 September 2016

Background research, tech trends and visual inspiration - a round-up

Reading Week 26 August

26 August 2016

northmodern design show, Copenhagen

Visual inspiration, food for thought on autonomous driving and wearable tech, and other design-related stories that have caught our eye

Reading Week 19 August

19 August 2016

The stories that have got us thinking this week

Reading Week 5 August 2016

05 August 2016

The demise of Mid-Century Modern, China's straddling bus and leather grown from mushrooms

Reading Week July 8 2016

08 July 2016

Our selection of some of the week's other design-related stories

GM designers reveal forgotten Vauxhall concept at Festival of Speed

07 July 2016

Goodwood plays host to 1960s sports car that might have been

The good, bad and ugly of BMW Group’s Next 100 Visions

27 June 2016

From the sublime to the ridiculous as BMW's British brands take centre stage

Reading Week 24 June 2016

24 June 2016

Stories that have caught our eye this week

Covering the last mile: a history of mixed-mode concepts

13 June 2016

Exploring the ultimate concept-car accessory

Reading Week 20 May 2016

20 May 2016

Significant moments and interesting news items that caught our eye this week



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